Ask your MP to make the climate crisis a political priority

The UK is the first major economy in the world to commit cutting greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. This is big news.

The bad news is that this target is not ambitious enough. It will only give us a 50/50 chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change and only if all other countries follow suit. It also allows the UK to transfer the burden of emissions reductions onto poorer countries – rather then making the cuts that are needed at home. More rapid emissions reductions are needed.

The good news is this is a opportunity to kick start real change IF the government and parliament translate this target into concrete action such as banning dirty energy and investing in renewables, improving the energy efficiency of our homes, investing in green jobs and public transport, and re-wilding our countryside. What’s more, as people start to feel the benefits these changes are likely to snowball and the UK could smash this target – and encourage others to do the same. So lets get started.

Please write to your MP today.

Let them know that you want them to make climate change a priority – and to show they mean it by pushing for an ambitious programme of action for the sake of our children and our planet. You can find out who your MP is along with their email and postal address on the parliament website. An example is given below as a guide.  If you have time please adapt and personalise the text by, for example, including a bit of information on your children (their names and ages and a bit about their likes and dislikes). A couple of lines of text written from the heart will have more impact then a ‘template letter’. If you are able send a photo of your children or a picture your children have drawn of themselves – so your MP can see why this issue is a priority for you – that would be even better!
Dear [NAME OF MP], As a mother my number one priority is to ensure my children‘s safety. I am deeply worried about the climate crisis, which is putting my children’s future at risk and devastating the lives of millions of children across the globe. I cannot understand why MPs – many of whom are parents themselves – are not pushing for more action. Scientists universally agree on the facts. If we do not cut global emissions in half by 2030, we face catastrophic climate breakdown. The government’s commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 only gives us a 50/50 chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change – if other countries follow suit. I am therefore asking you to do everything you can as an MP to keep up the pressure for more rapid emission reductions at home in the UK. To that end, please explain how you will advance the following urgent measures:
  • A ban on dirty energy including fracking and a massive expansion in renewable energy;
  • An end to airport expansion, a rapid transition to electric vehicles and investment in public transport, cycling and walking;
  • A nationwide programme to improve the energy efficiency of our homes;
  • Investment in green jobs and the development of a more sustainable economy;
  • A transformation of our food and agricultural system including a shift to more plant based diets;
  • The re-wilding of our countryside to create natural carbon sinks.
In summary, climate action simply cannot wait. It requires all politicians to look into their conscience and act now. Our children’s lives depend on it. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, [YOUR NAME]

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