About us

"Mothers Rise Up is more than a protest movement, it is our power, uninhibited creativity, resilience, wisdom and connection. It holds the space for our shared grief, community, support, and laughter."

– Chryso, mum from Lewes.

Mothers Rise Up logo

In November 2018, a small group of mums met under a ‘Worried Mum’ banner at an Extinction Rebellion climate protest. There was an instant connection and our movement has been growing fast ever since with groups forming across the UK and Europe.

We are mums who are exhausted, mums who are late for school, mums who go out to work and mums who stay at home. We come from diverse backgrounds, faiths and ethnicities. Some of us have been worrying about climate change for years; some of us are just now waking up to the crisis.

We try to reduce our families’ carbon footprints but this is not enough on its own. A seismic shift is needed within the next decade to prevent catastrophic climate breakdown.

We are connected by love for our children and a resolution to act. We are inspired by the youth climate strikes, the wave of green activism and each other.

The future of our children is at stake. And there is nothing more powerful than a mother’s instinct to protect her child.

Mothers Rise Up is part ‘Our Kids Climate’ – a global coalition of parents and grandparents groups who are demanding climate action.

Pushchair protest
Sept 2019: Pushchair protest to demand climate action outside Downing Street and the headquarters of Shell and BP – two of the world’s biggest polluters.