What do we want?

"As a doctor for children what I do day-to-day at work is largely futile if these children have no safe future on this planet."

– Jenny, mum to Jonas (9), Rowan (6) and Greta, Gloucestershire

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Climate change is already with us.

Millions of people, especially poor countries, have been displaced or left hungry by more frequent and more extreme droughts, floods and storms.

In 2018, the world’s leading scientists warned that we only have 12 years to prevent catastrophic climate change that will irreversibly damage our natural world and lead to the collapse of our societies.

As parents and citizens, we can and must use our voice, our votes and collective power to demand action. Individual action such as eating less meat and dairy is important but won’t be enough on its own. Governments must fundamentally change course so that we can all lead lives that protect our shared home.

“As a campaigner, I was always focused on what felt like the most urgent: conflict, refugees, equality. But any progress we're making to create a fairer society will be destroyed by climate breakdown. Tackling the climate emergency and creating a fairer society go hand in hand.”
Mum to Talya (7), Jacob (5) and baby Emi, London


Mothers Rise Up is calling on the UK government to come clean about the existential threat of climate breakdown by declaring a climate emergency, committing to reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2030 or sooner, and making a just transition to a sustainable way of life.